As of early this evening, the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge (SNJB) has reopened to thru traffic. Wheelabrator (WIN Waste Innovations) contractors with heavy equipment safely removed the damaged conveyor and reopened Elm Avenue, once again allowing travel across the Jordan Bridge.


The Jordan Bridge has remained closed to thru traffic following the Wheelabrator (WIN Waste Innovations) conveyor fire that occurred on December 16th and caused the closure of a portion of Elm Ave. Pedestrian and vehicular thru traffic has not been permitted on this portion of Elm Ave due to the location of the over road Wheelabrator (WIN Waste Innovations) conveyor on Elm Ave.


“We are appreciative of the community’s support and patience throughout the conveyor repair and removal process conducted by Wheelabrator and their contractors,” stated Kevin Crum, general manager of South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. “We recognize the closure caused significant transportation and economic impacts to NNSY, surrounding residents, and businesses, and we look forward to serving the community in 2023.”


SNJB customers will not experience any increase in tolls as a result of traffic/revenue loss caused by this incident. SNJB will address any traffic/revenue loss with the responsible parties.