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To request your engraved Pedestrian Walkway Plaque on the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, please fill out and submit this order form. You will be contacted shortly to finalize your order and process your payment.

  • Customize your Pedestrian Walkway Plaque

  • Up to 18 characters per line, 4 lines (4”x8”) or 8 lines (8”x8”) Additional art or symbol options available on request.

SNJB Plaque Policies:
The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge (SNJB) Pedestrian Walkway commemorative plaque program is designed to provide our community the opportunity to publicly honor, memorialize or celebrate people, businesses, events and milestones. Messages should be suitable for a family audience and are subject to review and acceptance by the SNJB. Messages with obscene or profane language/symbols are not permitted.

Payment will only be processed after the customer approves the plaque layout, and all payments are considered final. Plaques are mounted on the Pedestrian Walkway with placement at the sole discretion of the SNJB. The Pedestrian Walkway is open daily from sunrise to sunset for plaque viewing, but access may be temporarily restricted due to severe weather conditions.

The SNJB is not responsible for damage to any plaque resulting from weather, graffiti or other means by parties other than the SNJB, and damaged plaques will only be replaced if a subsequent order is completed.